MEANING: Swamy Desikan states that GodhA sthuthi rose from him as a result of fully blossomed. Bhakthi for Her (Vikasitha BhakthE: utthitham). All sthOthrams. Godha Stuthi – (The Lord’s high regard for the Garlands worn by GodhA dEvi). viswaayamaana rajasA kamalEna naabhou. vaksha: sthalE cha kamalA. Godha Stuthi Tamil Easy to Print – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free.

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That is the purpose of adorning Daasya naamams. You can either use the Yantra or the photo of Lord Andal.

She is a veritable Vedam. But, the best time to recite it is early morning preferably during Brahma Muhurta. Just as Your Lord’s heart is gladdened by hearing the approaching sound of Your sthuhi ankle bellsHe will be equally delighted to hear the sthuthi composed by adiyEn in Your honor. It is novel and has never been experienced before. The southern direction has also excelled over the northern direction as a result of the ripened puNyam arisng from your birth in the south at Srivilliputthur.

The theme of this slOkam is about the sthuthhi of the superiority of the Godhai’s flower garland over Vyjayanthi maalai. Lord used to enjoy listening to that sweet sound of the nUpurams.

At hat timeit appears as though an additional dark blue lotus garland has been overlaid on the existing garlands there. Swami Desikan suggests that important aspect of generating the auspicious sounds form MangaLa Vaadhyams is taken care of by the elated honey bees.

That unexpected event was the shattering of the self- imposed silence mouna dhruha: He reveals the two approaches that Godhai takes to win Her Lord to our side. Srivilliputthur in the south was at a stage of ripened puNyamwhen You incarnated there under a Tulasi plant.


The Mother knows exactly as to what Her child wants. In the previous slOkam, the exchange of garlands between RanganAthan and Godhai as dampathis was described. His Aisvaryam has no match. Viraja is also an epithet for Lord VishNu.

Sri Godha – Sri Krishna’s Bride: Godha Stuthi – 29

Godhai appears at other times like another incarnation of Sri Devi ,when one thinks of Her dayA for us. Godhai’s KaruNA KatAksham falls on them and the speech vaak of these poets blossoms forth immediately as a result of that bhAgyam. That is why Swami Desikan says: All sthOthrams of Swamy Desikan blossomed forth from his Goxha.

He waits eagerly for the garlands worn by You and receives them from Your father with his head bent out of love for You and becomes filled with a superlative fragrance that finally satisfies Him. The many meanings of GodhA have beeen covered in earlier articles of adiyEn.

Swamy Desikan points out that sage arising from the ant hills became the supreme poet and created Srimath RaamAyanam. The divine frgrance of the Arya Vedhams and the TamiL marai saluting the glory of His sacred feet is also enjoyed by Him.

VishNu thus becomes the payOdhi Duhithu: As a result of GodhA’s birththe southern direction became more venerable than the Northern direction.

It is also a antharvAhini river, which is flowing hidden under the sands of the great desert. A creeper reaches its fulfilment, when it is united with a supporting tree. That is most appealing to the Lord.

Shri Andal Stuthi (Godha Stuthi)

ThusHis whole body is covered with these divine fragrances and YetHe seems gdoha to be fully satisfied. That is a miracle made possible by the power of Godhai, His Devi.

The benefits of praying to Goddess Andal by reciting the Shri Andal Stuthi will bestow the individual with a peaceful, problem-free, and a happy life with abundance of wealth.


The worst of it all is that Your husband is an ancient old one, when it comes to His agewhile You are of tender age. The fragrance of the sandal paste worn on Her breasts is enjoyed by Him as well. Swamy Desikan equates them here to the red river,SONai. SevA Godna insightful observations are very enchanting. The Lord was also tied by another factor: He has chandana yoga dasai due to that union. May this obesiance of ours last forever and ever to GodhAiwho forcibly won Her Lord’s favours by binding Him with the garland worn and discarded by Her.

You should bless me with the boon of speech that befits this occasion of eulogizing You. Goeha breasts have a majestic appearance as ThiungabhadrA river. Yodha also prays for the boon of excellent sam execution vidhAnam of his kaimkaryam. You become joyous over His expression of affection rsulting from Your Kaimkaryam.

If You bless me with this boon, it will also be very pleasing to the divine ears of Your Lord Sri Ranganaathan. Phala sruthi SlOkam ithi vikasitha bhakthE: The honey bees, the experts on fragrance make their selection and announce the victor. This archanam has to be samarchanam superior and saasthrEic archanam with true devotion and niyamams. Under that influence, Mukundhan is helpless and obeys Her commands without resistance. One enters the different patitthuRaikaL on the two embankments of Yamunai and immerses oneself in the cool and rejuvenating waters of Yamunai.

SONathi means to moveto go forward and to become reddish in hue. The assembly of ChetanAs trespass sthuyhi the saastraic commands of Your Lord.