Here is a detailed guide to help you regarding this process. First of find out an auspicious date for the puja as per the Hindu calendar. Once the date is fixed. One of the oldest and most commonly practised housewarming ceremonies is the Gruhapravesam. A Gruhapravesam ceremony is performed before settling into. Gruhapravesam procedure is already discussed in the previous postings. I want to add only one or two points in addition to the above.

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How to Do Self Griha Pravesh Puja? – How to Perform Griha Pravesh Pooja?

Sobha Kalyani September 22, One moves into one’s new home with much excitement, new hopes and aspirations. These poojas help in purifying house by warding off the evils and pocedure doshas, if any. This makes the place a livable one for a happy and healthy living of the residents. Gruhapravesam involves procedural events.


The celebration of ‘gruhapravesam’ is an occasion of joy. Preparations for gruhapravesam are done well in advance for a hassle-free and grhuapravesam celebration of the event.

Griha pravesh tips for your new house, this festive season

Yellow pumpkin tiya gummadikaya 3. Coconuts for breaking at each door of the house. Pooja materials like aarti plate, panchapatra and udharini plate, tumbler and spoon preferably silver ones or as per your affordability.

Tie mango leaves toranam, draw rangoli i. At ‘muhurtam’ time while the priest chants mantras, the owner lights up camphor placed on the pumpkin and offers aarti to the main entrance door. Then coconut is broken into two halves and each is placed at either side of the entrance. Turmeric powder and kumkum are applied on these. Vaastu pooja is the main event in gruhapravesam. After pooja, turmeric paste is smeared on ash gourd gummadi kaya and kumkum dots are applied on it.


This is hung at the main entrance door to ward off evil eye i. These poojas are performed gruhapravesqm on the convenience, affordability and willingness of the family.

There is a spread of laughter, rejoice, happiness all around. On the night of gruhapravesam, the owner along with family members has to stay in the new dream house and sleep for 3 continuous nights.