Guillermo Foladori’s work focuses on environmental, health and technological issues. His recent book is Nanotecnologías Disruptivas (Spanish) (Miguel Angel. Bookmark. Nanotechnology for social needs: contributions from Latin American research in the areas of health, energy and watermore. by Guillermo Foladori. Manuskripte Guillermo Foladori, Noela Invernizzi (Ed.) Nanotechnologies in Latin America 81 Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Manuskripte

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Guillermo Foladori –

Science Communication 27 2 Cuba is a special case. It was at this time that the matter of social and ethical implications arose, along with the folsdori of nanotechnologies.

This mechanicist perspective is questionable for a very unequal country like Brazil. The fol- lowing events marked the development of the GNanotech-Uy and its relationship with local entrepreneurs and governmental institutions: The top-down procedure generated an unnecessary bad feeling in the Ar- gentinean scientific community. Nanotechnologies in Latin America.

According to a study Fuillermo,the main fields of research in Mexico are the following: The first stage creates the necessary conditions for the take-off; other stage increases the investment rate to the point where it becomes higher than the population grow, then the economy reaches more mature stages where the market is fully develo- ped and where mass consumption takes place Rostow, This could be the starting point for a reversal in the trends pointed out.

In this regard, it is clear flladori the distance between Latin America and its European and North American counterparts is expanding. The omission of matters relevant to workers and consumers by these institutions led to a distancing from organized civil society. Challenge implies not to waste a decade again. Regulatory policy should as well privilege civil rights and public health and safety over the economic interests guilllermo firms. Each network was composed of scientists, universities and research centers from different parts of the country.

Technology as a tool for encouraging industrialization is at the core of this theory. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The OSRD became the first official governmental office to take care of basic research.


These visions were revolutio- nary not only in a technological sense but also in social and cultural terms.

The basis for this change was the re- cognition that the economic liberalization implemented during the s had not attained the anticipated results, but rather had increased the gap between rich and poor countries, and increased their foreign debt. It is worth mentioning that in the midst of all the discussions surrounding the ap- proval of the Law of Innovation, the relationship between capacity for research and capacity for innovation by the productive sector was discussed very little by scien- tists.

Navy to nanotechnology-related research. The economic backwardness or underdevelopment of these countries is not observed as a necessary or normal stage of development but an historical circumstance created by the international economic relations.

Strategies for Human Development: Arising out of that context, this second position questions whether new technologies can be leveraged to reduce poverty and inequity in a world that is driven by lucrative interests. These devices are already being combined with nanostructures, leading to the NEMS nanoelectromechanical systems.

This can, with- out any doubt, undermine the conditions of the working classes. Five months la- ter, April saw the formal launch of the Argentinean Nanotechnology Foun- dation ANF 3 with a federal budget of 10 million dollars over the next 5 years and with a tight agreement with Lucent Technologies Sarmetband, a.

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Today, many countries argue in favor of investing public funds to develop nanotechnology in the search for increasing competitiveness.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The US mili- tary presence is not reduced to the partnership between the civil sector and the mi- litary; there is also involvement from the Latin-American armed forces. Accessed 13 October Nanotechnology in Colombia11 In Colombia, research in nanotechnology was initiated inby specific groups in the basic sciences.

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We think is valid to ask if under these circum- stances nanotechnologies will reduce social inequality and poverty in Latin Ame- rica and the world. Furthermore, many of them are already using clean rooms and very sophisticated equipment with the main objective of en- couraging the production of nanocomponents for the industrial sector. Up until latethere was no federal program to finance, organize or regulate na- notechnology, despite the efforts of some researchers from a variety of institutions to get it under way Several Authors, ; IPICYT, Additionally, there are several funds from federal, provincial and international sources to sponsor nanotechno- logy research in Brazil.

This lab studies molecular interactions at the nanoscale; for in- stance, current research focuses on the electrochemical properties of biomolecu- les, such as the cytochrome C and gold nanoparticles. Wood, Stephen; Jones, R. In fact, the opposite occurred, and inequalities in the world widened. Accessed 2 September The networks include about two-hundred resear- chers Balseiro, Therefore, the articles submitted are not peer-reviewed.

The Decree creating the FAN, with the statements of Minister Lavagna, attrac- ted the critical attention of different sectors involved.

Mensagem ao Congresso Nacional. Accessed 20 September Main poverty problems are not due to lack of technology, though a new technology will not, by its own, overcome those development problems. The nano- and microscience and technology world is quite large; Argentina has researchers examining research lines It contributes, therefore, to facilitate the political dialogue around said agendas.

It is clear that the subjects should be opened to the scrutiny of the public in a transparent manner as soon as possi- ble. The purpose of this office was to orient research to develop the military needs and arma- ment.