Dr. Harold L. Willmington is founder and dean of Willmington School of the Bible at Liberty University and of Liberty Home Bible Institute in Lynchburg. Dr. Harold Willmington had just turned 75 that day, evident in how his “I thought , what a legacy that man left,” Willmington said, sitting in his. 12 Results Dr. Harold L. Willmington. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming.

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Harold Willmington had just turned 75 that day, evident in how his secretary Eva Middleton prepared his office for a small faculty party to celebrate. Falwell paused a while.

Meet Harold Willmington –

Almost six weeks later, Dr. Falwell died at age That sun had set sooner than Willmington expected. The means and timeline, however, have changed. Willmington laid out his idea and mission to the group. It would be far l.willimngton from the 20 books and the Willmington Guides he had done before. This would be a series of articles overviewing the entirety of the Old Testament, New Testament and systematic theology.

SWORD will be fully accessible and free to the world online. It would be the most far-reaching free Bible l.wilomington on the internet. I want to leave a legacy. And I think this will l.willmingron my legacy. Not nearly as much as Dr. But he later received news that threatened to uproot his work, and take his life with it.

Two weeks before Christmas, Willmington was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He had been given anywhere from six months to hrold year to live. Willmington made an even more startling discovery than his prognosis through it all. Well, God gave me that grace and assurance. He undergoes immunotherapy every three weeks with intermittent CAT scans.

Harold L. Willmington

He feels no pain throughout his work days, but experiences extreme fatigue. After a few hours of work he will retreat to a back room and rest. Willmington speaks about his life and work as if the sunset he is riding toward is another lifetime away.


The Willmington School of the Bible is headed up by Dr. The Willmingtons have three grandchildren — Nathan, Carissa and Abigail — who have all been involved in Liberty to some capacity. Had you on my mind today, been praying for you, our church lifts your name every Wednesday evening.

You were already leaving behind a wonderful legacy, but love your heart to follow this call and complete it! Love you, always appreciate your input into my life. Will always be my special Dean Willmington. I listened to his teachings over and over again every night. I love the way he taught the Bible with such a servant heart. I am a graduate of Biblical Studies Diploma and have great respect and admiration for him and his family. He always put his personal touch in all his teachings.

I loved it when he would share some of his personal stories and experiences with us. I put my youngest son thru grad school at DTS and I noticed his teachings were comparable to the best seminaries in the world. Studying Gods word book by book with a teacher of the Bible was priceless and the greatest experience of my life.

Thankful for you Doctor Wilmington God has used you to challenge, encourage and make me hungry for the Word that truly satisfies Praying for you. I am eating lunch with my 93 yr old mom, Alberta, and we began a conversation about people of influence in our lives. I live near both Mom and Reed in L.willmibgton.

Retired Bible professor Dr. Harold Willmington reflects on his legacy

God bless you and your family. I have referred to it many times and have found it to be a great tool in study. I am wondering if you will ever place the book in a pdf form or some other form where I can have it with me as I travel on missions trips. You have served your faith well! I too have developed a much stronger hunger for the Word of God and credit you for that.

Harold L. Willmington (Author of Willmingtons Guide to the Bible)

Everette Foust brought me by your office so I could meet you and wish you a Happy 80th birthday. We had a picture taken together. I still remember the story about one of your friends buying you two cards, one for 50 years and one for 30 years because he could not find a birthday l.wollmington for an eighty year old.


I want you to know I too am a cancer survivor. I had esophagus cancer and surgery in December Keep looking up Dean Wilmington. I will never forget you and consider myself a small part of your Legacy. Doctor Wilmington, Thank you for being who you are. I will always have a special spot in my heart for your teaching of the Bible. My wife and I graduated from Liberty on March 4, We named our son after your son, Matthew.

Your love of the Word was always truly contagious.

We were so Blessed to have you as our Pastor for a time to show us the l.willmmington of Salvation which has provided the Heavenly home for my husband, Don, on Sept. We also admired your choice of a helpmate in Sue who was always at your side and your son, Harolv, who is carrying on in the ministry.

Your email address will not be published. Retired Bible professor Dr. Harold Willmington reflects on his legacy November 7, Jordan Jarrett 10 comments.

Hatold many others had Big Jerry made that same promise to? Denise Blalock February 22, 3: Sharon Tropp March 22, Jill D Aldrich April 29, 4: Chuck Self May 17, 3: Phillip Rine May 21, 8: Gregory E Lang May 24, Thomas Radcliffe July 17, Wilmington was my teacher and helped mold my life and future ministry. Pastor Ron Laughlin October 16, 9: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.