HP 4935A PDF

The HP A/A Transmission Im- pairment Measuring Sets and the HP. A/A Transmission Test Sets are rugged, portable test sets that provide . View and Download HP A operating and service manual online. Transmission Impairment Measuring Set. A Multimeter pdf manual download. The Agilent/HP A is a Transmission Impairment Measuring Set for installation and maintenance of voiceband data, wideband data, program and dds local.

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Check the response at each frequency in Table Please correct the issue indicated and resubmit or contact us via email or toll free at and we will be happy to assist you with this request.

Manufacturer Code List Model F i 4953a s t use a 9OOIl rrsistor, second a ! Sf Skip, Message Circuit Noise Measurements, Noise Measurements The message circuit measurement is obtained by measuring the noise present on a line with a quiet: Indented primarily for field service installation and maintenance, the A weighs only three pounds with batteries.

4935A Transmission Impairment Measurement Set

Page 25 Model A Figure Option deletes the small vinyl carrying case. Agilent no longer sells or supports this product. Test the A at each frequency given in Table Include return address, model number, option number if applicable and complete serial number.

Increased flexibility is afforded by providing you with the ability to verify various elements of Level 1 protocol in the form of a complete breakout box. The A also transmits the FOX message to terminals and printers. The HP A is more than just a bit error rate test 4395a.


At power up, it automatically sets up a typical testing configuration of a 5-minute bit error count, block error count and errored second count at bps with a PRBS. Cheek the A transmitter at the frcqucncics given in Table Unable to Process Offer Your offer was received but we are unable to process it for the following reason: Connect equipment as shown in Figure Page 15 Model View Cart My Account.

Offer AccuSource Electronics is always happy to consider h offers on our test instruments.

All Warmngs and caut! Includrd arc explanations of the measurcmcnts and the effects of certain parameters on data transmissicjn. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The A Bit Error Rate Test Set sits on the digital interface see network diagram and measures the integrity of the data link to properly transmit 9435a receive error free data.

Accepts power cord supplied with instrument. The A will automatically do a self check of the transmitter, the filters, and the LEDs. Our service centers may be able to perform calibration. Additional Info Please let us know any information that will help us fill your requirement such as urgency, quantity needed, etc.

HP A / Agilent A Transmission Impairment Measuring Set TIMS OPT (In Stock) z1

MTG Screw No. Please enter your offer yp for consideration. Requirements Our normal service includes 90 day warranty, all standard accessories and manuals, and restoration to “nearly new” condition. XEA display should indicate lf counts. If the instrument fails the tests, refer to the Service Section.


Agilent / HP 4935A

We will notify you as soon as this item is available for purchase. GA are described in the following paragraphs. There will be no values displayed because in this configuration the transmitter is turned off and a quiet termination is supplied to the TRMT jack.

Page 22 Installation Table Don’t show me this message again.

This makes the unit extremely useful in isolating faults related to the following 49335a functions: You should expect a response within one business day or less.

Transmit Monitor Test Output Equipment Offer Sent Your offer has been sent to our sales department for review.

The start-up tests consist of an end-to-end half-duplex ping-pong test, a h; modem loopback test primarily designed to test multi-drop systems and a test specifically designed to use the remote testing capabilities of the Bell B modem.