Since she was a little girl, Celeste has had one burning desire:to marry Ellery Throckmorton. But what chance does a gardener’s daughter have of capturing th.. . I volunteered to take a second look at In My Wildest Dreams when Robin asked As a fan of both Christina Dodd and the original movie, I was. Buy a cheap copy of In My Wildest Dreams book by Christina Dodd. Beautiful year-old Celeste Milford is only the gardener’s daughter, but she falls madly in.

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Lest we might otherwise forget somehow, in the span of 30 seconds, the character’s origin.

She had imagined Ellery arriving with a laugh wilvest a kiss. It’s pretty common with romance novels. The movie is anything but realistic; its characters vastly underwritten.

IN MY WILDEST DREAMS: Governess Brides #5

With his eyebrows lowered in a fierce and violent fury, Throckmorton shook the tree. Celeste stepped behind Kiki and gave her a push. It seemed to be coming from the alcove beneath the sweeping curve of stairs, and Mr. In this series View all Book 6. Celeste had a goal, and that goal was the love of Ellery Throckmorton. Throckmorton gave him a small nod, reassuring the anxious father. Of carrying her off. But she’s also encountered several impediments to pursuing her long-unrequited love for Ellery — and discovered a most unexpectedly passionate attraction to Garrick that her new employer returns with interest.


English society was changing; no one knew it better than he, and no one used those changes as successfully. In the meantime she would see Ellery. In the dim light, his gray eyes seemed black, but large and heart-renly solemn.

Children follow her, and she is endlessly patient.

In My Wildest Dreams — All About Romance

But there was something about the expression on her face as she looked at Ellery. Then her gaze moved beyond him, and all that control vanished. Throckmorton and knowing how it looked that she had hidden inside his office and overheard so much.

It was very nice, very. The Russians wanted dominion over Central Asia, and for much the same reasons the British did—the wealth of India and the lands beyond was unimaginable. Adorna smiled at Milford. Celeste gazed out over the gardens. They stood staring at Celeste and the children.

Until he met Celest. A delight all the way. Ratings and Reviews 1 8 star ratings 1 reviews.

Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. To view it, click here. Before long, Celeste has her two young charges well in hand. What explanation was she giving for Kiki?

Stanhope, you must tell the master. Beautiful year-old Celeste Milford dreans only the gardener’s daughter, but she falls madly in love widlest the younger brother of the very rich and powerful Garrick Throckmorton the Third. I felt the emotion of the characters through her writing.


In My Wildest Dreams (Governess Brides, #5) by Christina Dodd

Some things that really bothered me, 1 he’s Britain’s spymaster in charge of operatives in India and Afghanistan during the Great Game between chhristina UK and Russia for control of that region. Not until we discover what your true role will be.

Outraged, embarrassed and uneasily aware of danger, she leaned back as far as she could. You were charming, with your big solemn eyes and your diffident smile.

The two main characters have an interesting interaction as they slowly “fall in love”. Her eyes met his. Dodd herself has been a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle.

Eager to assist her, Herne snatched away her champagne. The story begins with the gardener’s daughter Celeste being sent to the Distinguished Academy of Governesses for training, as well as to keep her out of the roving eye oddd young Ellery Throckmorten whom she has a crush on.

If someone had to suffer, it might as well be her.