Meg Cabot climbs aboard the vampire love train with her “Insatiable Series” starring cute pixie-ish Meena Harper (irresistible to both vampires. Insatiable [Meg Cabot] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Insatiable by Meg Cabot Dear Ms. Cabot,. I’m not sure why I got a copy of your new book, “Insatiable” since I’m not the first DA reviewer who.

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Thi I’m so out of step with the other reviews that there must have been something I didn’t get about this novel, but come on, it’s light vampire chick lit, not Foucault.

If she survives long enough to avoid the Palantine vampire hunting guard hammering at her door, not to the mention hordes of killer bats on the loose, will she lose her own soul in the process?

By the end of the book, he was slightly less creepy, but he was still the emotional equivalent of Mef Gump when it came to being boyfriend material. No, better yet- Dead Wrong. Insatiable was my first book to read by Meg Cabot and I couldn’t finish it.

Quit bossing me around! If I think about, you could easily start reading in insatable middle of the book because all the interesting and also not so interesting events were recapitulated regularly. The writing is obviously very skilled but it took a bit to get use to the multiple point of views from different characters.

Insatiable Series

Meena is a guilt ridden wimp she can predict peoples deaths but no one believes her gift her brother is a loser with delusions of grandeur and I cannot even put my fingers on what is really wrong ihsatiable Lucien. Like she really didnt understand what was going on around her. Now might be a good time for Meena to start learning to predict her own future… If she even insatiablr one. I thought maybe the author was going to pull the old switcheroo, and make us go from being kinda skeeved out by this weirdo, to rooting for him to be the one Meena ends up with.


What did I even expect? Join the mailing list. First insatianle all, let me explain my star rating. Even the secondary characters like Meena’s crazy neighbor left a lasting impression. This book was by far one of the most entertaining and downright addictive vampire books I have read in a long time and I highly recommend it.

But his ideas on their future bt differ greatly from Edward’s toward Bella. She feels her ‘gift’ being able to tell when and how people will die would make her a terrible mother.

Meena may have hated vampires but not everyone shared the same opinion. Of course, she promises Lucien that she will do everything she can to protect him. The story line was okay but the characters were a bit dull to me.

Meena was passed over for her dream job at the soap opera she currently writes for. I totally agree with what people have said – that she is cashing in both on the vampire craze, AND the big backlash against the vampire craze. This book is diverting, and not a bad example of the combination of its two genres. There are many memorable characters in the book. I would say Meg Cabot has done pretty well at reinventing Alaric as a character who is devoid of interesting features.

It’s not even amusing enough to be a self parody. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets.

Insatiable Series by Meg Cabot

As always, for my note on the cover I love this one; mystery and all. I recommend this book highly. Once I realized that this was not going in that direction, I got a little worried.

View all 10 comments. It has many of her familiar traits–the heroine with a layabout brother, close friends with complications of their own, and a snarky attitude. I wish Meena could just have them both. Meena Harper is having a bad week. She was going to have to. So how could they feel love, much less return it?



In fact, most of the story mmeg extremely…well, structurally fictional. Meena is a dialogue-writer for a daytime soap that happens to want to add a vampire theme to the mix. I left it without regrets on the book pile for tourists in my hotel on Corfu. She is confident and ambitious, not like that typical weak female main chara. Although the romance did happened rather quickly. He was treated so badly when a child and now he wants to save everyone from vampires?

Instead of jumping on the vampire bandwagon, I believe Cabot sought to gently poke fun at our collective obsession with them. Plus, the connection between Meena and Alaric is not believable at all. She worked various jobs to pay the rent, including a decade-long stint as the assistant manager of a bed freshmen dormitory at NYU, a position emg still occasionally misses. Seeing as though paranormal books are by far my favorite this is not a luxury that I find very often with this author, but she always creates stories that are not easily forgotten.

It was action packed, exhilarating, and at times, hilarious.

She is always saying or doing things that surprise them. She’s started a series that is both about vampires, cabto about hating vampires and the vampire craze. When I opened the package and read the blurb, I rolled my eyes. Although for the record, I am still riding the vampire wave and loving it. The second half of the book was entertaining, funny and exciting — 3 indatiable. Or will she end up with Alaric?