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Auto reconnect beep locked-configmenus Enable beep on auto reconnect. Otherwise, it will not be able to register with the provisioning service after a yebrauch reset.

Protocols When the provisioning service wants to start communicating with a phone, it has to send a special contact-me message.

If the XML Provisioning service provides item received from phones with server CA for phone Sethe provisioning ser- cure Mode vice is empty, this means delete the corresponding certificate at the phone. This service communicates directly with the SIP stack.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

The provisioning service terminates the interaction with a CleanUp. NULL Number to be niternen when pressing the key. NULL Path of the directory containing the files.

The string ringer name must match an existing alert-identifier entry in the alert-identifier indexed list. QCU port qdccollectionunit-port Integer Port number. Enable Label for the key.


NULL Subnet mask for specific route 2. NULL Name interne the file that has been stored on the phone. The job succeeds and the provisioning service sends a normal CleanUp since there are no other waiting jobs. With “ringing PLP”, the line in ringing state is automatically selected when the user goes offhook. NULL User name for accessing the server. NULL Password to be sent to the web server, in case authentication is required.

OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide |

Subnet mask of the phone. The message flow might proceed as follows: The name of the DNS domain wherein the phone is residing.

Unlike many other VoIP phones, which are limited to prefabricated configuration files to be downloaded at startup, OpenStage phones can be deployed and provisioned by an interactive service at virtually any time. Unless the phones are connected to a specific PBX with appropriate protocol extensions, only private lines are possible. Server feature Invokes a feature on the SIP server. Thus, provisioning service driven interactions are possible even when the provisioning service is located inrernen a firewall, or in a DMZ.

If set to “single yebrauch, the user can accept the call a single press on the line key. For genrauch information, see Section 3. The provisioning service requests the next fraction of data from the phone.

Call Deflection locked-configmenus Allow call deflection. However, more than one item element may appear within one message See index underneath. This includes a phone reboot. Used for contact-me messages issued by the provisioning service.


If the value is zero, the internal tag alert-type[index] is set to silence 1 and ringer-melody-[index] is not changed as it has no significance. Locally in the phone, this value correlates with the “daylight-save-zone-index” OCMS id.

In this response, the inrernen service may request all items from the phone in order to gain comprehensive knowledge about its settings. The service is used for certain closed wireless access points. Contrast locked-configmenus Enables the contrast setting on display. Layer 2 signalling l2qos-signalling Integer 0 to 7 Default: Backup registra- backup-regtion timer sectimer onds Integer Number of Expiry time of the regisseconds.

Read only if locked by provisioning service. When activated, the functions assigned to the shift level are available on the program keys. If the reply requires a greater number of items, it must be fragmented see Section 3.

Terminal name sip-name Text Default: Backup proxy ad- backup-addr dress IP address or hostname. Read by provisioning service to confirm correct PIN entry.

To decrypt the data the device has to prompt the user to enter a PIN. Call forward Label for the key.