ISO and PSPC, the term used is. “nominal dry film thickness.” • For consistency in comparisons of area in this article, square meters are used to describe. STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. Reference number. ISO (E). This is a free 5 page sample. Access the full version online. ISO Paints and varnishes – Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems – Measurement of, and acceptance.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Science Chemistry Materials Science Acceptance criteria: ISO and coating system advertisement.

Applied personal protection equipment Documents connected with procedure Connecting data records on quality Appendix Coating system no. Purpose of procedure The procedure CP-S7 is fee guide upon performance of paint works in accordance with Coating system no. The holder of present document is a manager of VIM. Content of procedure 3.

Environment conditions Whenever possible, blasting and application of anticorrosive coatings should be executed in the adapted for such works facilities workshops. Preparation and painting in premises provide optimum conditions for the achievement of best result. Conditions frde, surface temperature, humidity, paint temperature at fulfillment of preparatory treatment, painting works and drying of paint should not deviate from technical requirements indicated in the specifications for corresponding paints.

Inspections should be done 2 times per shift every 4 hour Acceptance criteria: Bolts, nuts, caps, sticky tape, fabric, tarpaulin, rubber can be suitable protection. Before blasting whole surface shall be free from any alien material such as welding flux, metal spray, dirt, fat, salts consistent grease. Solid alien contaminants are removed by cutting; fats, salts, consistent grease are washed off by water, alkalis or solvents.

Blasting Blast clearing to be executed in specially equipped chamber. Tools and equipment for clearing should be in working condition, compressed air — dry and clean.

Condition of the cleared surface is expressed by degree of preparatory treatment and regulated by standard ISO Degree of the surface preparatory treatment of products should correspond to requirements of specification Sa3 — blast cleaning to pure metall. During inspection with the naked eye any dust, fat and dirt, the dried-on rolling scale, rust, old paint or foreign materials might not be observed; the ixo has a uniform color shade with slightly marked spots.


Surface profile shall be medium G quality and of the cleared steel surface or surface roughness is estimated by the relation of the highest ledges to the cavities casually formed on surface. It is necessary visually to compare a profile of blasted surface with reference sample. Schedule of clearing works shall be made in such a way to make possible to start painting as soon as possible while surface has not izo soiled again. Page 3 of 9 Acceptance criteria: Inspection should be done for frse y parts.

Before application of each coat layer a strip painting with brash or roller of all the welded seams, internal and external corners, edges, and areas which cannot be completely covered by airless spraying method should be executed. This operation is necessary for reception of a design thickness of a covering on all sites of a design. Each coat layer shall be applied uniformly over the whole surface.

Passes, curtaining, overflows and drops should be avoided.

Soiling of the painted surfaces between layers is inadmissible. Any arisen soiling should be immediately removed and damaged layer should be restored. During application of anticorrosive coatings only accepted by painting system 7 paints and solvents should be applied. Paints and solvents shall be stored properly.

ISO – Free Download PDF

Packing should be in a good condition. Original packing shall be firmly closed; labels and stickers shall be plain and good to be read. During warehousing of paints and solvents it is necessary to consider safety data indicated on factory labels, requirements regarding storage conditions and periods of storage. In case of paints are stored in a cold premise, it is necessary to place them before usage for a while in warm that they were adequately warmed.

Inspection test for visual examination of coating shall be done after curing and on coated parts for every coat. Repair of defects 3.

Coating procedure tests and acceptance criteria: Calibration certificates should be accessible for review. Page 4 of 9 Prior to measurement of thickness a film shall reach sufficient degree of hardness. Acceptance criteria according paint coating specification PDC table 6.

Inspection shall be done on every coated parts. Following isk results of fulfillment and inspection of painting processes a person responsible for those issues a Painting Report in accordance with enclosed forms.

Acceptance criteria: ISO 19840 and coating system

Should be done before painting. Test should be done on small part – 3 or 4 testbig part – every parts. Should be done on every parts. Shall be done on every parts.


Acceptance criteria: ISO and coating system

ISO and coating system data sheet. Repairadditional coats or recoating as appropriate. One 1980 on one batch should be done. Qualification of personnel Workers executing anticorrosive painting should have required professional qualification and pass corresponding training with certified acknowledgement. Prior to start painting works responsible for these works person should check and consider all the possible ambiguities.

The person for carrying out inspections, verification and verification of personal qualification shall be qualify in accordance NShas FROSIO certificate with inspector level 3 4. Safety of work As many paints especially diluted with solvent contain unhealthy substances, it is necessary to observe the established norms and safety rules. Workplaces should be accessible for inspection of safety data sheets of applied paints by personnel. Environment protection It is necessary to observe the established norms and rules for environment protection during handling with paints.

It is necessary to handle painting materials very accurately, prevent their hit into kso earth, reservoirs.

Waste should be collected and utilized according to the valid legislation and the established rules. Documents connected with procedure ISO Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products — Visual assessment of surface cleanliness — Part 1: Rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings. The informative appendix to the part 1: Representative photographic examples of the change of appearance imparted to steel when blast-cleaned with different abrasives ISO ISO Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products — Surface roughness characteristics of blast-cleaned steel substrates ISO Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products – Surface preparation methods — Part 2: Norsok standard M, Edition 6, Surface preparation and protective coating Page 6 of 9 7.

Connecting data records on quality 1. Technical data sheets; Safety data sheets; Coating system no. Pre qualification Page 8 of 9 2. PowerPoint Presentation – Joan Miro. Rotary Wheel Heat Exchangers.