Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook by Mark Robinson, includes recipes like Mizuna Salad with Jako Dried Baby Sardines; Fresh Corn Kakiage Tempura;. Description: Mark Robinson is an editor and journalist who has written regularly from Tokyo on food and culture for publications including the Financial Times. : Izakaya: The Japanese Pub Cookbook () by Mark Robinson and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books .

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Cookbook: Izakaya—The Japanese Pub Cookbook

Some of them have long histories; some are more recent players on the scene. We call ourselves the J-Girls because we are a group of crazy Japanese American women who have tge researching, digging up grandmas recipes and cooking together Japanese dishes Thanks for a chance to win this intriguing book.

IPenk 10 September, – KayDat 14 September, – Probably a cheddar, although the good ones are hard to come by here in Norway. Have an awesome trip: Hana 11 September, – Our pointing fingers work in most every country. I only wish that a I was still in high school and b I izalaya fluent Japanese, because it seems like a lot of fun to work in an izakaya.


I got the recipe of a spanish friend of mine during college time sigh Ross 15 September, – I love beer and eating poke together or if we’re at an izakaya then grilled fish like hokke. Gwyn Moore rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Can’t wait for my next party at home!

Maegan 10 September, – I would like to try out some of the recipes though, given more time to prepare them. Yes, I know I have very strange tastebuds what else can I say these are my izaakya nibbles. My favorite is a sweet Muscat dessert wine with cheese or almost any dessert!

Chao japanrse September, – Jen D 14 September, – Californian, Australian or Chillean. In reference to places I’ve lived or live inthe choices for food accompaniment would be: If I’m in a junk food mood it’s all about a nice beefy burger and Coke or cream soda with rum for good measure if I’ve got it.


But, what’s my fav ‘tipple’ K 14 September, – Vivian 11 September, – The book itself is gorgeous, with great photos that recreate the ambiance and mood in the various “favorites” of the author, this is much more than a cookbook.

I love Japanese food.

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The colors reflect the night with lush sepias and near candlelight settings, as it should be. When you attempt to order a range of dishes in most restaurants, the portions end up being too much and your bill ends up astronomical. I am habitually slow to order anything too Add to that my standard dings for cookbooks vague amounts like small onion, sprinkle some salt, etc.

I’ve been wanting to get this book for a while.

Hm, I don’t really drink, but I do enjoy a good cup of chamomile tea with rosemary broiled chicken breasts