JETHRO TULL Vinyl Lp THICK AS A BRICK Newspaper Cover Reprise Beauty! $ 0 bids. JETHRO TULL and is getting impossible to find in any. Pictures of actual album for sale – excellent condition of newspaper. A work of art ! Some fading and marks (white marks) on outer jewel case. Inner magnificent. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Thick As A Brick on Discogs.

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This is not much i can add as it seems this is the most beloved album here on PA. Funny how the universe works.

JETHRO TULL Thick As A Brick reviews

This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Ian Anderson recorded a new version specifically for the commercial to avoid having another artist do it. Tull could have packed side tul with short pieces based on lesser headlines in the newspaper Then, “In the clear white circles” newspsper back the pastoral atmosphere of the beginning, culminating in the minstrel-like, wistful atmosphere of “Do you believe in the day?

The lyrics are great and humerous. I’m so tired listening the same melody over and over. The composition is divided in many sections where my favorite comes towards the 7th minute of part 1 that I call Master Of The House and it starts with birck lyrics: It makes “Thick as a Brick” even more awe-inspiring when you hear about the less-than- favorable conditions it was created in.

With this melody, even the drum solo at beginning of Part 2 the first 3 minutes does not bricj help. In its entire 45 minutes, there is not one weedy moment, not one transition that doesn’t work. The first three minutes are not easily forgotten, and the vocal melody bounces up and down, like rapid waves.


Jethro Tull Thick as A Brick LP | eBay

The original LP cover; its gatefold opens up as a page newspaper. The organ sound at the background creates a strong musical hull of this track.

BTW it took longer to create the newspaper, then to finnish the reord. The reason why is that I’m speaking for those that can’t really get into Jethro Tull.

Jethro Tull, Thick As A Brick, 1972 Pressing, with RARE 12-page gatefold fold-out newspaper

This is a milestone in the field, a necessary part of every music listeners collection. Anderson chuckles, and the forty-plus minute opus ends. A History of the Band, — Ian Anderson, founder, leader, singer, flutist, ghost and elf of Jethro Tull never more achieved such an interaction between singing and playing as he did in this album.

The song starts off innocent enough staying close to tull’s folk roots with some beautiful flute then at roughly the 3 minute jethdo we’re treated to a wonderfully energetic and dynamic jam where everyone shines, anderson’s lyrics come to the fore, john evans and martin barre offer equally brilliant melodies – indeed a trend on the whole album while barrie barlow holds everything together brilliantly on skins along with jeffery hammond on bass.

Again, they use the same melody as Part 1 when Ian sings “See there, a man is born, and we pronounce him fit for peace”. Organ and bass are prominant. Don’t overlook the dazzling bass guitar playing here.

Jethro Tull Thick as A Brick LP

Is surprisingly sensitive and beautiful. Saying anymore about the album would be reaching into redundancy, this one gets a blazing 5 stars.

Hey, it’s as good a guess as anyone else’san album that contains only one song. The son has not thought for himself, and is now a mirror of his hated father. Going further, the reviewer stated: Living in the Past They are not really going to look very good. Now if only I could get into their other stuff more A perfect dosage of everything was one of the keys why this album gained stardom status.


Other members worked greatly: Ian AndersonTerry Ellis. What ‘Thick as a Brick’ lacks is enough variation to keep it interesting; for its massive duration almost every theme is repeated several times, sometimes in a row, and all of these themes are similar in their composition. The newspaper style liner notes give us the insight to what it is all about holding the key to the true meaning of the album. They simply dash through the proceedings with an unrelenting energy and passion I have rarely heard from them.

Thick as a Brick”. Despite two tracks, two parts, I take them as collection of shorter ones, blended skillfully together.

The music is a strange mixture of acoustic folk and full blown prog. Thick As A Brick is not only Jethro Tull’s finest hour, but also one of the greatest progressive rock albums ever recorded – this is not merely praise from a huge Tull fan, but plain fact. Side 1, the stronger of the two sides which is like saying Atlas is stronger than Herculescomes to a most satisfying conclusion as the hero searches for a comic-book character to come newspaoer his aid amidst a blaze of swirling organ and guitar stabs.

Thick as a Zs It doesn’t have an overall dramatic contour that a concept album needs.