Jon’s Jail Journal Blogspot. K likes. Jon’s Jail Journal is the blog started in a maximum-security jail in Arizona by prisoner Shaun Attwood, whose. Jon’s Jail Journal has 28 ratings and 1 review. Yolanda said: Bit of a disappointment really. I read Hard Time by the same author and I really liked it. Editorial Reviews. Real prison stories. Jon is Shaun Attwood, formerly a stock- market Buy Jon’s Jail Journal: Read Kindle Store Reviews –

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The prison blog of an Orwellian unperson.

Hi Shaun, I’m glad you’re out of the slammer. I got thrown in the drunk tank about half a dozen times when I was young and just back from Vietnam. Hang in there Tom Chittum. Hia Shaun Cool article mate. Well done with the exposure. How’s the book going?

So tell me your journsl tales I bet it doesn’t stop there does it with the article Hiya Mate, Just read your articule and enjoyed it, well put, well i would say that i know the full story, shame you could not say more about your conditions to give more people a better idea of the abuse there but hay hoo your blogs try to do that.

Hope is all well for you and the work is going well see you soon Curry Girl Sarah. Hi Shaun Thanks for the link to the article. Will be printing it off to keep and use. Trust life is going well for you. How is jxil publishing coming along?

Jon’s Jail Journal « Sally Hinchcliffe

Do keep me informed of developments. Am looking forward to reading the whole thing. Foxy and Maidy, Everything is going great. My agent is submitting my book to publishers, and we expect positive news on that front soon. More schools have been asking me to come and talk to their students, so it looks like Kons going to be getting busy with that in the New Year. Have a great Xmas season! Thanks for the link, very interesting read.

Can’t begin to imagine what it was like as i’ve said before! Hope you’re pleased with the article and thanks for your work on it. It was more interesting than George Michael’s story in The Guardian as well, and to be fair to him he packs a fair bit in: I related to the bit about the flash house and all the trimmings having lived that way myself – I am glad that I don’t live that way anymore.

I am quite happy getting my fashion fixes at Primark than Prada these days. But you know, jzil you are jzil old man jona will be able to look back at the wild times and know you have lived a little. Good luck in all that you do now.


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I can only guess how bad things got but your enthusiasm and intelligence, and compassion for others got you through and beyond. Have a fab Christmas and keep in touch and let me know how you are in the New Year. Shaun, What I like about your article is that you take responsibility for your actions and you don’t play the journsl game or the poor me game.

I see with so many inmates and their wives, girlfriends and mothers that the judicial system is the problem and there were no victims involved, so why are they there. There are victims in every crime, even in the “simple’ drug crimes or DUIs. Every time a person buys drugs from a dealer, he or she is keeping him or her in business so that the dealer can turn around and addict a new teenager every day. And when a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle deadly weapon while intoxicated, that person is committing attempted murder.

There are victims in every crime. Thanks for manning up, Shaun! I”m very proud of you! I have been missing our talks Love you Shaun Barry in Tonopah.

Jon’s Jail Journal: In Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Jail

Is that all I was to you? I was actually a world traveled university student who now has her masters. I was more like you than you want to think. Educated and in love with the ectasy and the rave life style! I hope your book is better!

True and honest, it gave me goose bumps I find it has matured in the way it is told. Not flaunting it anymore. Bloke, Just read the article in the Guardian. Also read these comments. Sounds like you pissed off the bisexual lap dancer a wee bit. Anyway have a fun day. Jaik, Iron Man says hello again. Be Good, Weird Al. Nice sarcasm, Wild Man. The Guardian photographer said he was trying to create loose prison imagery, kournal me behind the window as if behind bars.

He took over pics at Mike Hotwheelz house, and it took over an hour, so by the end of it I was grimacing – as if behind bars.

So I guess he achieved jins desired effect. Shaun, You’re normally a big smiley happy bastard, so the photo makes you look not like you. These photographers are more cunning than I thought they’re like a damp fox. Also, I had to go a lot of places to get the Guardian.

I’ve been up all night, and I’m just here drinking myself uons oblivion. The Wild Man just passed out in my bedroom. He’s like a big bear when he snores, he sucks things in. Me thinks the mystery is solved. I’ve got 5 bottles of wine, and I’m about to do the 5 bottle challenge. I only had 1 bottle of wine when I got back here, so it was panic stations, and I had to go to the offlicence, and the bastard made me wait till But now its going splendid.


Hammy, At least the Wild Man is temporarily harmless while sleeping. You’d better increase your house insurance before he wakes up. Hi Shaun It was great to see your story in the Guardian magazine on Saturday! Best wishes Sarah Koestler Trust. I’ve got the paper copy of The Guardian article on my desk. It’s a very interesting read.

Hi Shaun, I actually met you once with my friend Jill. In a little apartment somewhere in Az. You mentioned her in one of your blogs. I googled her and that’s how I found your site. She always talked highly of you and your intellectual abilities.

Shaun Attwood – Wikipedia

This site is great. Keep up the good work on exposing all the Az b. Anonymous, I’m glad you enjoyed the talk. I would love to come back to your school. It’s something your teachers must decide.

Seems you’re doing ok for joms now from the experience. Must have been a good thing for you! Being someone who doesn’t cross the line of the law, I don’t know if you’re telling the truth, or if you’re just giving us prison spin.

I happen to support sheriff Joe. Whose fault was it you were given accommodations in Joe’s hotel anyhow. You were in jail dude, did you expect dignitary treatment?

But, like I said, you have taken your bitterness and turned it into a good thing for you, and now you’ll take your scandalous past and market it, and some moron’s will buy your book, and illegalities will become profitable.

That’s the American way, eh? Even though it wasI still experienced the horror of the Madison St. According to “jail-house” sources it was to be condemned but was still being used as a transfer point. Let me tell you if I had to be housed there I would of ended up taking the first plea bargain, no matter the sentence – just to get out of there – jlurnal that bad.

Just the sight of them instills fear in most if not all the inmates. It quite noticeable too, you have the regular jail worker usually puggy and over-weight and then you have SRT. As they say in the county jail, “Come on vacation, leave on probation” I look forward to reading you book, I’m ordering it from Amazon.

A Man from the Angels