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JSS (Revision No. 1) MINISTRY OF DEFENCE JOINT SERVICES SPECIFICATION ON ENVIRONMENTAL TEST METHODS. JSS , knowns as the Penta-Five test, is an antifungal product test for electronics. JSS Revision No. 1. LIST OF MEMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH FORMULATION OF THIS STANDARD. 1. This Joint Services Specification has.

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The quantities listed are mass of salt per liter of water.

Procedure – Bench handling Step 1 – Configure the item as it would be for servicing for example, with the chassis and front panel assembly from its enclosures.

Any deviation from thee test procedure. For general test purposes the low frequency limit jjss 5 Hz is acceptable. Final measurement – The equipment shall be visually examined and shall be subjected to electricalmechanical and other checks as specified.

Drops of liquid condensate accumulating on the wallsceiling and other parts of the chamber shall not fall on the equipment under test.

The temperature of the chamber shall then be restored to laboratory atmospheric conditions. Minor adjustments may be effected during the conditioning.

Separate equipment can be used for this test. Gravitational effect – The relevant equipment specification shall state whether the effect of gravitational force is important. The height of drop shall be measured from the points of the equipment, nearest to the steel plate when suspended prior to dropping. Details of the operations and performance checks and the terms at which they should be made see 3.


The ASD level and the profile for test shall be chosen form Table 4. However the total duration shall be limited to a maximum of 50 hours Note: These fixtures shall be such as to enable the equipment to be subjected to an acceleration in the direction or directions as specified. Procedure 1 The equipment under test, while being at the hss atmospheric conditionsshall be introduced into the acid spray chamberthe latter also being under the same conditions.

Final measurements – The equipment shall be visually examinedand shall be electricallymechanically checked as specified. Sufficient quantity of dust shall also be introduced into the chamber. The dust shall be 025 by brushingwiping or shaking.

Initial resonance search The equipment is vibrated sinusoidal motion over the complete frequencyrangee specified. If required, the equipment shall be visually examined after each drop.

Levels are raised in steps to evaluate performance variation and to obtain failure data. Test items of equipment normally provided with vibration isolators first shall be tested with the isolators in place. 0265 the beginning of the test the equipment shall be in its Switched off” conditions. The acid mist shall freely circulate aground the equipment under test. Cross country fields with bunds of 20 to 25 cms high for a distance of jzs kms at a speed of 3 to 5 kmph.

To assess equipment suitability for its intended operational environment. Final Measurements – The equipment shall be visually examined and shall be electrically and mechanically checked as specified. Initial measurements see 3. Initial Measurements see clause 3.



A check may then made by measuring some other parameter which is temperature dependent and for which the law of temperature dependent is known. Two accelerometer shall be mounted one in the vertical and the other in the lateral plane longitudinal direction is the axis of the equipment to monitor the vibration response. The value of q shall be the maximum value attainable during free flight s.

Required thickness of ice 3.

JSS_ – [PDF Document]

At the end of last cycle, atmospheric 056 and the equipment shall be subjected to recovery conditions. Conditioning for operation mode is as specified in table 4.

They should 02556 enter the chamber during spraying and the chamber should be purged with clean air to lower the concentration of sulphur dioxide in the air of the chamber to a safe level before it is entered after spraying. The hss shall be sprayed to a total of 10 cycles as above over a period not exceeding 21 days.

The isolators then shall be removed and the test item rigidly mounted and subjected to the test level indicated. In tracked vehicles, vibration some time sever, is excited at frequencies associated with track patter. This is also carried out on sampling basis on the production line for periodical surveillance.