Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations Oracle Solaris 10 SPARC: How to Install the wanboot Program on the WAN Boot Server. This book describes how to create the files and directories necessary to perform an unattended JumpStart installation. This book also describes how to create. This book also describes how to create RAID-1 volumes during a JumpStart Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced.

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Host Name IP address system locale time zone netmask IPv6 terminal type security policy name service timeserver. Original xolaris copyright belong to respective owners. The JumpStart program reads the rules. During a custom JumpStart installation, the JumpStart program attempts to match the system that is being installed to the rules in the rules.

NFS sharing the jupstart directories Make sure you add the config and install jmpstart to the dfstab for NFS sharing them. These can be used for creating dynamic derived profiles or backing up files before upgrading. All that is left to do after the script runs is add any site-specific configuration files, as discussed below.

These options are useful with an interactive installation. The custom Jumpstart configuration is ok. During a JumpStart installation, the JumpStart program attempts to match the system that is being installed to the rules in the rules. JumpStart is a powerful tool that makes unattended Solaris installs possible with fine-grained control over machine configurations, but it has a few shortcomings. Live Upgrade and Upgrade Planning.

If the WAN boot server and install server are hosted on the same machine, save this file to the flash subdirectory of the document root directory on the WAN boot server.


See How to Create the Flash Archive for detailed instructions.

How to Configure a Solaris 10 Jumpstart server and client [SPARC] – The Geek Diary

You must specify an IP address for the proxy server, as in the following example: This article describes a procedure to create a bootable installation DVD-ROM with a complete software stack on a DVD that you can use to perform a standardized and fully automated installation of the software stack from the DVD. My hope in writing this document and posting it on the web is to create a place where others can go to find out most of all they need to know to setup a jumpstart server, thus saving them some of the searching, reading and trouble that I had to endure.

The JumpStart program accesses the rules files on the diskette in the system’s diskette drive.

Check the boot server installation again for any error in command or file. Object oriented programmers of all nations: Preconfiguring System Configuration Information Tasks 3.

Top Features You Should Know. On the install server, add the clients that you are installing with the flash archive. You can install a full archive for an initial installation solarjs if you have already installed an archive, a differential archive for an update.

This article also examines the structure of a bootable Solaris OS DVD and provides information about modifying installation behaviors to perform an automated install of a Solaris Flash archive from a DVD.

Organizations are constantly challenged to deploy systems jumpsrart the enterprise with consistent and reliable configurations.

All files are overwritten as in an initial installation. Installing With JumpStart Examples. You can use the custom JumpStart installation method or use Live Upgrade to install an archive on an inactive boot environment. Create the sysidcfg The sysidcfg file is used for configuring the client and contains information like IP address, hostname, time zone etc.


The system on which you create a profile diskette must have a diskette drive. Keywords their value and usage is described in rules spatc itself. Bigger often is a sign of obesity, of lost control, of overcomplexity, of cancerous cells.

Do aolaris shareall so that the file system is now exported 2. How to Create the wanboot. Make sure proper media is available spaec disk image or CD in the install server.

The JumpStart program junpstart the rules from the first rule through the last. So I just used the one off Blastwave instead. Multix OS Unix History: In this example the JumpStart programs use the rules file to select the correct installation profile for the wanclient-1 system.

We wanted to preserve JumpStart’s ability to apply different build profiles from a central location, and we wanted unattended install capability. It then describes the pieces that are unique to a CD boot.

How to Configure a Solaris 10 Jumpstart server and client [SPARC]

Creating the Document Root Directory. Command Reference for the boot Command. If the system is new and unmodified, turn on the system. However, a compressed archive can affect the performance of your WAN boot installation.