The Flame and the Flower (The Birmingham Family) [Kathleen E Woodiwiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling . Editorial Reviews. Review. “The queen of historical romance.” From the Back Cover Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. The Flame and the Flower (Birmingham Book 1) by [Woodiwiss, Kathleen E . The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss In the early s, Woodiwiss’s first novel was rescued from the slush pile by editor Nancy.

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Of course, Heather conveniently didn’t love him, but neither did she love Brandon at the time. He was exasperated with her reasoning about him turning his back while she changed, and cleaning up the water from the floor, but he remained gentle and kind with her.

When Brandon tells Heather, “I’ve found with you, sweet, that when I want you badly enough I can overlook being a gentleman,” my heart beats a little faster as I imagine him with the devilish glint of a marauding Errol Flynn or Clark Gable in his eye.

When they finally put into port after their long journey at sea, Brandon sends his servants to find him a woman for the night. Front cover by Avon Book. Brandon is a hero’s hero.

He was really punishing himself here. A fuming Brandon arrives, but Heather no longer needs him to rescue her. Heather may be seventeen, but Brandon is younger mentally.

She was a kind, caring mother hen, always doting on Heather and the baby and not afraid to give Brandon a piece of her mind when he deserved it. They are very English regency, but they are quite good. The Scotsman Who Saved Me. She was an avid horse rider who at one time lived in a large home on 55 acresm2 in Minnesota.

The Flame and the Flower

But I just couldn’t go on reading it, myself — especially when they arrived at Brandon’s plantation and all the “negro” and “negress” talk started. Even describing the plot points, predictable and idiotic as they are, makes them sound more interesting than they actually are. People either hate her because she’s so beautiful, or want to rape her because she is so beautiful, or adore her because she is so beautiful.


If this had not been a factor, I can honestly say that I would have really enjoyed it and probably could have placed it on my keeper list. Heather finds her spirit while Brandon loses his heart. After Heather escapes the rape attempt, she wanders the docks and is delivered to Brandon Birmingham, the hero, who does rape her.

Just one of the many odd sentences I highlighted. When he finds out the truth, he does a lot of posturing and villainous laughing, basically telling Heather that if she didn’t want to be raped, she should have tried to enjoy it more, before raping her a few more times. She has completed her journey from girl to woman and is now fully his equal and his match. I haven’t read this book in a few years but I find myself continually puzzled. The Wolf of Kisimul Castle.

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I enjoyed Forever Amber. The Disneyland depiction of the slave plantation is a bit insulting for me as a reader. Dec 07, Alex marked it as to-read. Besides realizing that he could, gulp, love a ‘slip of a girl’ his character doesn’t really grow in my opinion.

Near the London dockside, two men, who mistake her for a prostitute, seize her and escort her onto a ship. He’s an easy-going guy who could teach his brother a thing or two about manners and sometimes tried.

It was rejected by multiple agents and hardcover publishers for its length. I wouldn’t normally bother rating a book I didn’t finish, but I got through half of The Flame and the Flower before giving up, so I have some pretty strong opinions and plenty to say. Anya Seton and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro are other authors whose romance novels transcend time and who also preceded Kathleen Woodiwiss by decades.


Sometimes Woodiwiss can, IMHO be wordy, so I thought this would eliminate that and possibly skim over some of the parts in the beginning before they got together. But still stirring in this era where our deepest and most primal sexual fantasies woodwiiss been sanitized and the definition of “feminism” seems to be have been extended to the area of censoring other women’s fantasies.

The “hero,” Brandon, is even worse.

Fuck you, The Flame and the Flower – Reading the End

He sneered at her coldly. Published April by Avon first published This girl was a real sweetie for me. But this book is far worse than that one was.

The Flame and the Flower is considered to be the book that birthed the modern romance novel, so I didn’t feel that I could call myself a true fan without reading the book that started it all. The Marquis and I.

Forever in Your Embrace. The controversy arises when, during their first meeting, a drunken Brandon mistakes Heather for a wharf prostitute. kathlleen

The Flame and the Flower – Wikipedia

He never hits her. Men who require the kqthleen world, and their women included, to bow to their whims and serve their needs should not be romantic heroes.

Have read her books for 30 yrs, loved them 1 n all … Show more Show less. But Forever Amber was so over-the-top packed full of tue that I hardly cared. Therefore, he decides whether she likes it or not he’s going to continue to rape her and keep her locked up for his own pleasure until he gets tired of her.

But really, The Flame and the Flower, fuck you.