As we are approaching the woderful month of praising, we have posted a complete (as possible) Kiahk Psalmody [Coptic – English – Arabic] in a printable format. Liturgical and Prayers Books. Ċ, The Holy Psalmody of View, Kiahk Psalmody –English, Coptic, Arabic, Mar 23, , PM, St Mary St. This book was originally made in spiral bound form for use in the Monastery but The Kiahk Psalmody according to the rite of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the .

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Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters, As the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, So our eyes look to the Lord our God, Until He has mercy on us.

It helps us realize that it was our falls and our sins that led our great and Holy Lord to ascend up onto the Cross. We can marvel at the size of the creation, and we being miniscule in comparison, are still loved by Him and protected each second of our lives as He guides our ways.

They both produce beautiful sound to the ear. We endure the slavery of sin, asking God to deliver us from the hand of the devil. It says that St. In the prayer of the Ninth Hour we read.

When we pray the Fourth Canticle we are joined with the heavenly and stand amongst the ranks of the heavens. Cyril the Great, who defended the title of the Theotokos given to our lady, St. He made not the Angel to creep in the mud, nor the worm to move in heaven. The hymn of humility, through the prayer of the Name of Jesus, not only leads us to victory, but it is also the root of many other virtues, proving that all of the beatitudes are connected and not distinct.


We will meditate on the tune of Hos erof ari ho oo shasf sha ni eneh. One may speak, the other may teach, one may clean or the other prays.

Many heresies unfolded because of the lack of understanding of this one statement. He wrote about the fate of the Christians and he wrote that in the last day, the Psalmody will cease to come from the mouths of Christians. Not only does this passage bring to life many vivid and powerful meditations, but it also shows the richness of our Church in following even the tiniest details of the Bible.

The Kiahk Psalmody – Google Books

Since we have discovered that the psalms are a perfect means to express the feelings of the soul and to offer perfect praise to our Lord, we will try nook discover why the church has incorporated these three psalms into the Psalmody following the Commemoration and the Doxology of the Saints. Because of their sin, and because we are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, we ask the creation to join us in prayer, that God may restore us to the original state in which He created us, and place us once again into the New Garden of Eden, the Paradise of Joy.

But when the good man sees what the wicked has suffered, let him cleanse himself from all iniquity, lest he fall into a like punishment, a like chastisement. When we are faced with the Red Kiahj, pursued by the enemies of God, we often fall into despair and lose hope, not knowing which way to go.

It is only when we humble ourselves, realizing that we have not lived a strong Christian life, that we become closer to God. Picture courtesy of Katherine Nawar.

Kiahk Psalmody 4- Select and copy the font files you just extracted all except the actual Psalmody pdf file. Mary to the flower of Incense, and the rod of Aaron. Now that we have tasted it, let us go forth and fight for it. Bishop Mettaous also brings to light the meaning of how the youths escaped from the fire unharmed. The Lord has purified us throughout our journey, so that we will learn to love it, and strive for it. He accomplished so many good deeds that neither I nor all men together could set before your minds in words.


What is His name?

For through all the tribulations we faced, we are being purified to become like angels living on earth. These two items will be explained later on. Mary, the Coptic Church, always cognizant of St. Very little is known about the actual beginnings of the Psalmody, but historical accounts date the beginning of this prayer to be as early as AD.

When we are faced with trials and tribulations and direct our hearts into prayer, praising the Lord our God, we will draw those who bok not know Him.


Is the Christian faith the true faith, or is another religion the right one? God psalnody standing in their midst. In the same way, the saints of the Lord are able to ask the King to help and spare us, and He, out of His love for His saints, listens and confides in them.

They become astonished at us, seeing what we have been through, and witnessing the power of God as we come out of the fire unharmed like the three youths. The work of praising attracts the service of the Angels because this is a function of their existence.

Humility is linked bolk love, for how can you humble yourself before your enemy or God if you do not love them?