King Dork will rock your world.” –John Green, New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars When Tom Henderson. High school is the penalty for transgressions yet to be specified in the companion to the book of which John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, said. Told from the perspective of Tom, a “brainy, freaky, oddball kid who reads too much, [and is] so bright that his genius is sometimes mistaken for.

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There are some great secondary characters, with one teacher who likes to confront misbehaving students in the school toilets a particular standout. It’s kind of a cult One of my favorite excerpts: This book could lead to some valuable discussions about the realism of kjng high school portrayed here — you may want to talk to your teen about their own experiences dorkk school and if anything resonates here.

And I know how it is – you got distracted by the more immediate things around you.

King Dork Approximately

Except for the occasional plot point that doesn’t, entirely, but is totally acceptable in the context of the awesome narration. Hextrom tells him that his father committed suicide, after which his mother cancels his sessions. All the female characters seem alike moody, controlling, and bitchy. Probably won’t do a full review because I want to oprtman with a clean slate, an Last book of and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


If so, consider keeping pants zipped. Farnk feel betrayed by the direction the book took – instead of focusing on the feelings Tom had for his dead father, and the mystery of the notes in his father’s old books, port,an book instead strays into shallow hookups and cynical attitudes toward relationships. Yes, it’s that kind of a book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

See how we rate. And let’s face it: Portman also seems pretty unconcerned with girls except as sex objects real and fantasy.


Poftman Dragon Ridge Tombs. Just leave it around the house, kiing, for him to pick up on his own. The end of the audiobook had a bonus – several of their songs sung for us! Like I said or the author of this book, who cares? Bits of my life simply disappeared.

Could lead to some valuable discussions about the realism of the high school portrayed here — you may want to talk to your teen about their own experiences at school and if anything resonates here.

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Really, I get that. And I know you also haven’t had the strongest role models around you, what with your father gone, your mom perpetually portmn of it, and your well-meaning, but oddball stepdad trying, but not quite connecting with you.

The writing is rather wordy and too journal-like for my taste. But how likely is that?

Like, the craft of it and the structure and dofk atmosphere. King Dork is kind of like a new, updated version of Alan Mendelsonnow complete with profanity, soft drugs, and ling, girls, girls! Instead, I want you to think about the ethical, moral implications of what you’re contemplating. Above all, this is the most stereo-typical book that I’ve ever read.

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King Dork Book Review

The humor, though, is set in high relief by the story’s depth, complexity, and sophistication. An excellent anti-Catcher, pro rock-and-roll novel that is hilarious. In one of his father’s books Tom finds a note mentioning a “dead bastard” and signed “Tit”, with ftank that he decodes referring to a funeral.