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Certainly not Batista and company, living well-protected on their luxurious estates, surrounded by all kinds of security measures, while I ran a thousand risks with neither bodyguards nor arms. If our forces had been distributed differently the outcome of the battle might have been different.

But the gestures of this minority have been of little consequence, drowned as they were by the obsequious and fawning majority. Touch my heart with your cold hands! Those ministers can chat away in a Fifth Avenue mansion until not even the dust of the bones of those whose problems require immediate solution remains.

Men who became generals overnight, without ever having fired a shot; men who bought their stars with high treason against their country; men who ordered the execution of prisoners taken in battles in which they didn’t even participate: Of our best trained men and boldest leaders, there were 27 in Bayamo, 21 at the Civilian Hospital and 10 at the Palace of Justice. It is well-known in Cuban history that assassination of prisoners was fatally linked with Batista’s name.

When there is an end to the embezzlement of government funds, when public officials stop taking graft from the large companies that owe taxes to the State, when the enormous resources of the country are brought into full use, when we no longer buy tanks, bombers and guns for this country which has no frontiers to defend and where these instruments of war, now being purchased, are used against the peoplewhen there is more interest in educating the people than in killing them there will be more than enough money.

I was called as a witness at that first session. They are not to blame for Cuba’s miseries. And when he himself did want to drench the Republic in blood, when he wanted to smother in terror and torture the just rebellion of Cuba’s youth, who were not willing to be his slaves, then he contrived still more fantastic lies.

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It is possible that Colonel Gistoria may deliberately have destroyed these documents, but even if he has I remember them. One of our men, while he was digging, wheeled around and slashed the face of one of his assassins with his pick. They wanted a change for the better, aspired to progress; and they saw all this at hand. On Friday night, September 25th, on the eve of the third session of the trial, two prison doctors visited me in my cell.


I wish to state for the record here that all the victims’ pockets were picked to the very last penny and that all their personal effects, rings and watches, were stripped from their bodies and are brazenly being worn today by their assassins.

One day as he was coming back from the Puerto Boniato Prison, where he raises pedigree fighting cocks in the back courtyard, he got on a bus on which Abel’s mother was also traveling.

He is affected by exactly the same problems that affect other citizens – subsistence, rent, the education of his children, their future, etc. As a Cuban I am ashamed that heartless men should have perpetrated such unthinkable crimes, dishonoring our nation before the rest of the world.

The revolutionaries must proclaim their ideas courageously, define their principles and express their intentions so that no one is deceived, neither friend nor foe. Fundamental matters of principle are being debated here, the right of men to be free is on trial, the very foundations of our existence as a civilized and democratic nation are in the balance.

And I have the convicts at Boniato Prison to thank for this. We have the same situation here: The accused remained unmolested: They thought they had deceived the people with their lies and they ended up deceiving themselves.

But those who burn warehouses and stores to collect insurance do not go to jail, even though a few human beings may have gone up in flames. No example is as inspiring as that of our own land. Where are our men who were absolbera July 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th? Immediately after March lw, Cubans again began to witness acts of veritable vandalism which they had thought banished forever bistoria their nation.

This shows how the country, to this very day, has been governed not by generous and dedicated men, but by political racketeers, the scum of our public life.

We shall see the fate they met and how Batista sought to punish the heroism of our youth. hsitoria

They did not even attempt to cover appearances. According to the official story, he fell prey to a ‘band of thieves’. Why did they violate all procedural laws and ignore so scandalously the rulings of the Court?

Lacking even the most elementary revolutionary content, Batista’s regime represents in every respect a 20 year regression for Cuba. Days and months passed. There is no questioning the people’s will to fight. On the road from the Civilian Hospital to the barracks they shot him in the back and left him lying there, face down in a pool of blood.


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My appearance before this Court may be a pure farce in order to give a semblance of legality to arbitrary decisions, but I am determined to wrench apart with a firm hand the infamous veil that hides so much shamelessness.

Of course, where men are shot point blank, there are no wounded.

With the greatest pride I tell you that in accordance with our principles we have never asked a politician, past xbsolvera present, for a penny. If Cuba is above all an agricultural State, if its population is largely rural, if the city depends on these rural areas, if the people from our countryside won our war of independence, if our nation’s greatness and prosperity depend on a healthy and vigorous rural population that loves the land and knows how to work it, if this population depends on a State that lw and guides it, then how can the present state of affairs be allowed to continue?

This decision, overheard by the sergeant and reported by him to his superior, provoked a real panic. Men who constitute noble exceptions have attempted to mend the system’s mangled honor with their individual decisions. The most recent is the revolt in Bolivia, where miners with dynamite sticks smashed and defeated regular army regiments. If no law applies exactly to the point in question, then there is no offense.

Of all our men taken prisoner in the Bayamo area, this is the only survivor. Hostoria has a absolverw had to practice his profession under such difficult conditions; never has such a number of overwhelming irregularities been committed against an accused man.

Castro based his case on the illegality historiz the Batista regime and the inherent right of the citizen to rebel against what he perceived to be an illegal government. And if the Army dealt thus with those who had had no part at all in histiria action, you can imagine the terrible fate of the prisoners who had taken part or who were believed to have taken part. I only wish I could have the whole Army before me! Among one hundred machine guns and bayonets, scandalously invading the hall of justice, more than a hundred people were seated in the prisoner’s dock.