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Half of them are dead, and in tribute to their memory I can say that although they were not military experts they had enough patriotism to have given, had we not been at such a great disadvantage, a good beating to that absplvera lot of generals together, those generals of the 10th of March who are neither soldiers nor patriots.

I know that many of the soldiers are indignant at the barbaric assassinations perpetrated. This country innocently believed that such a past could not return; the people were proud of their love of freedom and they carried their heads high in the conviction that liberty would be respected as a sacred right.

However, unjustifiable as those sbsolvera of were, they took place in a matter of minutes, in no more time than it took for a round of machine gun fire. But I do not want to become enraged.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Barriguilla is that sergeant of Weyler’s who assassinated twelve Cubans in Guatao. Let him not remain silent. The oligarchy, without dignified protest, abjectly yielded to the dictates of the usurper and betrayed their country by renouncing the autonomy of the Judicial Power.

History Will Absolve Me

Once more the days and the months rolled by, the people wearied of mockery and abuses. Many were the rifles loaded for our fighters by the nurses at the Civilian Hospital.

Of all our men taken prisoner in the Bayamo area, this is the only survivor. His regime merely brought with it a change of hands and a redistribution of the loot among a new group of friends, relatives, accomplices and parasitic hangers-on that constitute the political retinue of the Dictator. Dante divided his Inferno into nine circles. Let us leave this statute alone and await the opportunity to apply it to those who really did foment an uprising against the Constitutional Powers of the State.

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Only that Weyler mentions one wounded soldier in his ranks. The plan was drawn up by a group of young men, none of whom had any military experience at all. Golden calves cannot perform miracles of any kind. I must warn you: But the mass murder of prisoners did not begin until after three o’clock in the afternoon.

The Honorable Prosecutor’s famous little article hardly deserves a minute of my time. To kill helpless prisoners and then declare that they died in battle: Chaviano records neither wounded men nor prisoners.

In what battles, where, in what clashes, did these young men die? When one dies In the arms of a grateful country Agony ends, prison chains break – and At last, with death, life begins!

The only civilians admitted here have been two attorneys and six reporters, in whose newspapers the censorship of the press will prevent printing a word I say. When this monster realized who she was he began to brag about his grisly deeds, and absolvrea in a loud voice so that the woman dressed in mourning could hear him – he said: When there is an end to the embezzlement of government funds, when public officials stop taking graft from the large companies that owe taxes to the State, historiq the enormous resources of the country are brought into full use, when we no longer buy tanks, bombers and guns for this country which has no frontiers to defend and where these instruments of war, now being purchased, are used against the peoplewhen there is more interest in educating the people than in killing them there will be more than enough money.

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Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. From that moment on, all the accused were thoroughly searched from head to foot before they were brought into the courtroom. You just send him to jail without further thought. Statesmen like Carlos Saladrigas, whose statesmanship consists of preserving the statu quo and mouthing phrases like ‘absolute freedom of enterprise,’ ‘guarantees to investment capital’ and ‘law of supply and demand,’ will not solve these problems.


How to maintain all its false accusations? You imprison the poor wretch who steals because he is hungry; but none of the hundreds who steal millions from the Government has ever spent a night in jail. Some day the total number of victims will be known. Why did they not strike their blow after the first of June?

In contrast, I could not begin to tell you all I went through in order to appear. Batista’s regime has exacted a high price from all of us, but primarily from the humble classes which are suffering hunger and misery.

That was the way the worst butchers of Valeriano Weyler behaved in the cruelest years of our War abolvera Independence. After Batista spoke fifty more were massacred.

My logic is the simple logic of the people. The State sits back with its arms crossed and industrialization can wait forever. I should like to know who else raised his voice on that occasion to protest against all this injustice done to the soldiers.

Fidel’s defense statement “La Historia me absolverá” will be remembered today

The nation needs an explanation. Baudillo Castellanos, the courageous defender of my comrades. On Friday night, September 25th, on the eve of the third session of the trial, two prison doctors visited me in my cell. In Oriente you can still breathe the air of that glorious epic.

It was here that he reportedly made his four-hour speech justifying his actions and outlining his hostoria for Cuba. It was the same throughout the province.