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This should be an 0. It is packaged in standard TO-3 transistor packages so that heat sinking is easily accom- plished with standard heat sinks. For proper temperature compensation the diodes should be in the same thermal environment as the LM Most reputable transformer manufacturers will rate their parts in this manner, i. Although power dissipation is internally limited, electrical specifications apply only for power levels up to25W.

The temperature coeffi- cient of this junction combined with the temperature coefficient of the internal resistors gives the current limit a However, as with any IC regulator, it becomes necessary to take precautions to assure that the regulator is not inadvertently damaged.

Q 2 saturates when the output is shorted, thus dropping the voltage at base and limiting regulator V’im to a low value. However, for practical datashset eering purposes the chart below may be used. Regulator with Line Resistance in Output Lead With the Datashet package, it is easy to minimize the resis- tance from the case to the set resistor, by using 2 sep- arate leads to the case. Current limiting is included to limit the peak output current to a safe value. Band-gap references are generally chosen for the higher current devices 0.

A new subsurface breakdown zener used in the LM gives lower noise and better long term stability than conventional IC zeners.

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If not already elim- inated in step a above, the LMH would also drop out at this time. The LM, a 1. To minimize high-frequency noise, an 0. The bypass capacitor on the adjustment terminal can discharge through a low current junction. The regulators also have hysteresis built into their thermal shutdown circuits so that the shutdown temperature is several degrees above the temperature at which the regulator turns back on.


Transistors Q2 and Q3 are matched so a current identical to l 3 will flow through Q3. The stability problem with slower pass transistors, if it occurs at all, is usually seen only on the negative regulator. Switching Regulator A switching power supply may be constructed with a three-terminal regulator, as shown in Figure 7.

This must then be taken into account in the calculation of maximum V A c and DC voltage into regulator with low load currents. The shutdown control signal is TTL compatible but by adjusting R8 and R9 the regulator may be shutdown at any desired level above 2 V BEcalculated as follows: This may destroy the pass device, and possibly the regulator, unless the heat sink is oversized to handle this fault condition.

Insure that no-load Vin max does not exceed the value listed on the data sheets or in the table of Section 2. The first, known as a “band-gap” or AVbe reference is shown in simplified form in Figure A3. Input bypassing is needed only if the regulator is located far from the filter capacitor of the power supply.

First, there is the problem of the safe-area protection as mentioned earlier. This imbalance in output voltages could be a problem in some supply applications. Curren t NSC Equiv. T R Se dayasheet this case will be: The simplest is to insert a relay, a saturated bipolar device, or some other type switch in series with either the regulator inputs or outputs. The LMHV’s specification is 0. In general, these protective diodes are a good idea on all positive regulators. This circuit can be used in 4 mA to 20 mA applications, but the LM must be selected for low quiescent current.

Capacitor C1 is optional to improve ripple rejection so that 80 dB is obtained at any output voltage. A 1 uF solid tantalum or 25 uF aluminum electrolytic on the output swamps this effect and insures stability.

It is important to note in selecting a regulator that the safe area circuitry causes dayasheet maximum output datasheeg to drop significantly for large V, N – V 0U T- A3.

For applications other than simple three-terminal regulation listed in Section 1. As a result, more “iron” is needed to avoid core saturation. The diode, although not necessary in this circuit since the output is limited to 25V, is needed with outputs over 25V to protect against the ddatasheet discharging through low current nodes in the LM lm350h 1 7 when the input or output is shorted. The on-chip current datazheet is usually set by the manufacturer so that with worst-case production variations and operating temperature the device will still provide rated output current.


The solution is to use a large input capacitor, a series input breakdown diode, a choke, a transient suppressor or a combination of these. The remaining applications circuits are shown for the TO-5 package. LM O 0. Determine R 2 and R3 from Eqn 7.

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Some voltage options are rated only to mA. Thermal and Electronic Effects on Output Impedance for a Representative Regulator capacitor used and by internal wirebond resistance in the regulator.

The variable regulators are most useful for providing non-standard voltages, llm305h regulators, or in programmable-voltage high current supplies with foldback current-limiting. The diodes, how- ever, may experience a substantial current increase during the short. The same ap- proach is used for the LM as in Figure 7.

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With the supply ON, the load draws current through the regulator, which turns ON Q1 and applies power to the inductor. Power should be turned off first, thermal limit ceases operating, or ground should be connected first if power must be left on.

In Figure 2, when the 10W pulse is applied for ms, the output drifts only slightly beyond the drift in the first 10 ms, and the thermal error stays well within 0. The LM1 27 series are dual tracking regulators with provision for external boost while using the internal circuitry for current limiting in the boosted mode Figure 1. Another benefit of lowered operating temperatures is improved power cycle life for low cost soft soldered packages.

The programming current is constant and can be used to bias other circuitry, while datasheft regulator is used as the power supply for the system.