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The Book of the Die by Luke Rhinehart

A young, arrogant, sexist kind of a bloke adaj that! What is it trying to say? The Dice Man – Luke Rhinehart. Buying and reading magazines he wouldn’t normally look at twice.

You were set up by a friend you usually trust, who convinced you this dude was super cool. Try to not get too offended and feel like you need to salve your perceived ideological wounds with personal insults directed toward the author: In short, I just thought it was absolutely rubbish!

Jul 28, Nick Hylands-white added it. Thanks, ridiculously long commute! It landed on a four.

The Book of the Die

Telling adaj story of Luke Rhinehart as he gives up his choice to the roll of the dice anythin This is one of those cult classics that you really do need to read.


A firm sense of self, he decides, is a construct created to make an individual stable, ‘sane. Rape is one of my ‘hot item’ issues. Zekeriya Evyapan rated it liked it Apr 08, Dude agrees, and proceeds to talk about his sex life.

Rhinehardt is a megalomaniac and even he realizes the destroying the ego actually inflates it. How about his homoerotic experiences? Inhe was involved in a round-the-world voyage in a large trimaran ketch. Sure, you can have some exciting set pieces and stick them together with a luks of chewing gum and duct tape, but it takes a lot of talent to maintain a sense of momentum from one happening to the next.

View all 4 comments. Good Idea, Bad Delivery!

And how much explanation would we be given when Luke is forced to leave his wife and family forever because of the die? A slave to the deity of chance. And we luuke even talked about the structure of the book. On 1 Augustat the age of 80, Cockcroft arranged for his own death to be announced.

The Dice Man

Rumpelstiltskin rated it liked it Apr 22, Books by Luke Rhinehart. Cockcroft began experimenting with dice a long time before writing The Dice Manbut this made progress on the novel rather slow. He has to explain again.

The rape of his neighbour’s wife. We switch points of view. Me ha gustado bastante, pero ‘El hombre de los dados’ es una novela con mucha paja. Originally read this in and remembered it to be a funny and scathing satire on all the faddish psycho-therapies and theories that inundated the 60s and 70s. Is this rating based on my increased maturity or simply a role of the die? If it’s a six, you can post an angry comment A previously 4 star book sinks to 2 stars.


On 1 Augustat the age of 80, Cockcroft arranged for his own death to be announced. Telling the story of Luke Rhinehart as he gives up his choice to the roll of the dice anything and everything seems to happen to him as the book progresses. No trivia or quizzes yet. It explores the central idea in interesting and surprising ways.

Zar adam – Luke Rhinehart – Google Books

Quotes from The Dice Man. After convincing the at first reluctant woman Arlenethe rape takes place with great pleasure and abandon from both parties, and Rhinehart’s dicelife begins.

Let the dice decide! After the half way mark it becomes rather repetitious.