2 Revised Edition (Concordance of the Bible, Volume 2) [Mandelkern] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Hebrew/English Concordance of. Mandelkern’s great contribution to Jewish scholarship is his monumental Bible concordance Heikhal ha-Kodesh (, ; abridged edition, Tavnit Heikhal, . Results 1 – 8 of 8 Concordance of the Bible Vol. 1 Revised Edition by Solomon Mandelkern and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Return to top of page. Although the body of A New Concordance is still written exclusively in Hebrew, this particular edition includes mqndelkern introduction and guide to using the concordance that are both written in English. Nevertheless, in he took part in the First Zionist Congress and later traveled to the United States — to distribute this work.

These mxndelkern are not always accurate. Here are a few tips to help you manage A New Concordance: Mouseover thumbails below for a larger image.

The Mandelkern Biblical Concordance

It is therefore often more useful to look up common words in Mandelkern, even though the print concordancee less clear and the texts are not vocalized. At the age of 19 he divorced his very pious wife and went to study at the newly founded rabbinical seminaries of Vilna and Zhitomir.

However, relative to the Mandelkern concordance, the Even-Shoshan concordance is actually quite new indeed. The Even-Shoshan concordance can sometimes be a difficult resource to use. At the age of 16 he was sent to Dubno to continue his studies, and for some time he lived in Kock KotskPoland.


He drew materials from the Bible, Jewish history, as well as from such current events as pogroms in Russia.

Salomon Mandelkern – Wikipedia

Sell Us Your Mamdelkern. Mandelkern was a prolific writer in several languages, especially in Hebrew, in which he produced poetical works of considerable merit. After his father’s death he went to Dubno he was then fourteenwhere he continued his Talmudical studies. He studied at Jena and afterward settled in Leipzig, where he devoted himself to research.

Mandelkern, Shelomoh

Concordances A mandelkrn is a tool which brings together similar words words that “concord” under a single heading. Its completeness, clarity, thoroughness, and ease of consultation led to praise from generations of readers, and it was used intensively until the end of the twentieth century. Translated from Hebrew by Jeffrey Green.

Even-Shoshan tells you what the theoretical absolute form of a word should be if the word is not found in its absolute form in the Bible. Which very common words or particles e. They are easier to use, and more comprehensive, detailed, flexible, and powerful than paper concordances.

Even-Shoshan lists all of the places where a word is found in the Hebrew Bible. These sections also explain how A New Concordance is mandlkern alphabeticallymandeliern than by root, and will give you important information on all of the abbreviations he uses.


In he became assistant rabbi at Odessawhere he was the first to deliver sermons in Russian, and where he studied law at the university. Find more information about at the Center for Jewish History: Concordances serve two main purposes: Should the biblical citation only e.

Visit the Electronic Resources page to learn more about these programs.

InMandelkern was ordained as a state rabbi, and afterward pursued three academic degrees: However, for rarer words, he will also mzndelkern you the phrase with vowels that includes the word in question. He also studied Semitic languages at the University of St. Each entry contains a short lexical discussion in modern Hebrew.

This is one of the most useful features of A New Concordance. A person who compiles a biblical concordance must make certain difficult decisions concerning issues for which there is no single correct answer: For frequently-occurring words, Even-Shoshan will only give you the scriptural reference.

This is one of the mandelkdrn useful aspects of A New Concordance and can save massive amounts of time when doing a word study.